Small, durable, portable: the DJI Action 2 arrives

DJI Action 2 is the new DJI action camera presented a few weeks ago as a world premiere in Milan. It is a versatile and resistant mini-video camera designed especially for sports and outdoor enthusiasts but also for all those who need a simple to use, discreet and light object to film their daily activities in first person. The DJI Action 2 has a very interesting feature: it can attach to other objects (and some accessories) in magnetic mode.

The main features

DJI Action 2 is equipped with an integrated HorizonSteady stabilizer, based on a DJI proprietary algorithm, which, they explain, ensures stable and fluid video sequences even when the action camera is subjected to continuous stress. The ultra-resistant lens, protected by Gorilla Glass, is equipped with an aspherical lens and produces movies (up to 4K 120fps quality) with wide frames up to 155 °. Among the recording modes there are also timelapse, hyperlapse, slow motion, QuickClip (to shoot small 10, 15 or 30 second movies particularly suitable for social media) and also the ability to stream live and connect via USB to PCs. A small 1.76-inch display is mounted on the camera to set all the main settings and to review your clips. Many accessories to be purchased separately or bundled with the camera: among the most interesting a waterproof case that allows you to go up to 60 meters underwater (while without it we can reach 10 meters), a front touchscreen module that allows you to see in real time what we are shooting and which offers four microphones and increases the battery life up to 160 minutes, a magnetic band that secures the camera for first-person videos to the body (or head), as well as the adapter support magnetic that allows you to wear the camera as if it were a necklace. The starting price of DJI Action 2 is 399 euros.

The experience in pastry

To try the new DJI Action 2 we visited the pastry school of Massimo Pica, winner of the 2021 Pastry World Cup, who during a small lesson gave us the opportunity to film our recipes in real time and step-by-step. The camera is very light (weighs 56 grams), is resistant to splashes and dust, and, thanks to its magnets, as if it were a magnet, it can be attached to any iron surface (such as on a knife or inside a refrigerator) for ultra-close shots.

Pros and cons


  • Light, practical, comfortable to use
  • Image quality and video stabilization


  • Price a bit high if we want to buy accessories too
  • Video quality limited to 4K