Smallpox monkeys, WHO: cases jump, deaths rise to 3

In about ten days, 2,614 new infections bring the total to over 6 thousand, of which 4,900 in the European region

They rise to three monkeypox deaths have been registered in the world and in the space of ten days there has also been a jump in infections intercepted by the health authorities. According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), two new deaths have occurred in the last few days compared to the only victim counted in the previous epidemiological bulletin released on 27 June. The deaths are all concentrated in the African region.

From 1 January to 4 July 2022, there were a total of 6,027 laboratory-confirmed cases of Monkeypox, of which 4,920 in the European region. There has been a 77% increase since the June 27 budget, with 2,614 new cases reported.

The infections surveyed occurred in 59 countries / territories / areas in five WHO regions (African region, European region, considered the epicenter of the current epidemic, region of the Americas, the eastern Mediterranean and the western Pacific). And compared to the previous update, 9 new countries have reported cases. While 10 countries have not reported new cases for over 21 days, the maximum duration of the incubation period of the disease.

In 99.5% of the cases surveyed, for which information on gender is available, they are males. Median age: 37 years. Males between the ages of 18 and 44 continue to be disproportionately affected by this outbreak of monkeypox – notes the WHO – as they represent 79% of cases. Only 0.1% of cases occurred among under 18.

The United Nations Health Agency specifies that “infections associated with health care activities cannot be excluded and further investigations are underway to determine whether the infections recorded among operators are due to occupational exposure to the virus. , among the reported cases, 25 are health-related.