Smallpox monkeys, WHO: “The international emergency remains”

But “some progress has been made in the global response to the epidemic in multiple countries”

The Monkeypox still remains a public health emergency of international concern. This was announced by the World Health Organization. The experts of the Emergency Committee, in their third meeting held in recent days, agreed that it continues to meet the criteria of what is called Pheic in technical jargon, while acknowledging that “some progress has been made in the global response to the epidemic of monkeypox in multiple countries “, and that emerging information indicates the effectiveness of behavioral interventions and vaccines,” reads the committee’s report, released by WHO.

The director general of the UN health agency, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, accepted the opinion of the committee and issued temporary recommendations to continue aiming for a coordinated response against monkeypox. The experts noted that concerns persist and explained the main reasons, which “include the transmission” of the virus “ongoing in some regions”, the fact that “inequity in preparation and response remains within and between states”. WHO members, an emerging potential for greater health impact in vulnerable populations, the ongoing risk of stigma and discrimination, weak health systems in some developing countries leading to underestimation, the continuing lack of equal access to diagnostics , antivirals and vaccines, and research gaps that need to be filled. “