Smallville, seeing the actress playing Lana after more than 10 years will leave you speechless

Everyone will remember the actress who played Lana Lang in Smallville, here after years she doesn’t seem to have changed at all.

Smallville is an American television series which had an impressive success during its airing; 10 seasons broadcast in Italy from 2002 to 2011. The protagonist is Clark Kentplayed by now hugely popular actor Tom Welling.

In Smallville the actress played Lana Lang, here she is today years later (Credits: youtube)

The story begins with the young man’s arrival in the town of Smallville during a catastrophic meteor shower. Two spouses, Jonathan and Martha Kent find him in a field near a spaceship. They decide to adopt him and naturally realize that that child has superhuman physical characteristics: a secret that they try to keep from the eyes of others.

When Clark becomes a teenager and begins attending high school, where he establishes relationships with other peers, such as with Chloe, he also meets Lana here. He begins to have feelings for her.

Lana Lang lost her parents during the meteor shower. After a series of events, the young woman and Clark begin a troubled love story that will lead them to break up several times also because of the secret that the boy keeps hidden. Eventually, those who have followed the series will remember what happened: now adults, after marriage to Lex Luthor, she discovers Clark’s powers, they reconnect until she leaves the town. She will return, we will see her, in the eighth season only to take revenge on Lex and to say goodbye to Clark.

We followed this character from season 1 to season 8, played by actress Kristin Kreuk. We went to sift through her instagram channel, here she is today years later!

It’s Lana Lang in Smallville: that’s how the actress is today after more than 10 years

Lana Lang is a very sweet Smallville character but at the same time, over the years, he takes on a very vindictive and twisted attitude. It is Clark Kent’s first love. We see that the two try many times until after a series of events she marries Lex Luthor, son of the multibillionaire Lionel, who makes her believe that she is pregnant with her.

Eventually she will discover the protagonist’s secret and after a while she will leave, returning only to take revenge on her ex-husband and to say goodbye to Clark for good. Lana was played by Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk. It’s been years since we last saw her in the show, how has she changed since she was Lana?

Kristin Kreuk
Credits: instagram

Here she is in this social shot, it doesn’t seem that different. Indeed we must say that Kristin is practically the same as 14 years ago. Beautiful as then, don’t you think? After Smallville, the actress has been part of other TV series and films, acting both on television and in cinema. Did you like her character?