Smart Padlock by Igloohome, the test of the smart padlock

Every object in the house is now becoming smart, intelligent, programmable and remotely controlled from your smartphone. And padlocks also fully enter this category. We have tried the interesting Padlock by Igloohome, a Singaporean company specializing in smart and keyless access systems.


The Igloohome intelligent padlock is solid and compact (body in stainless steel and zinc alloy, ring in reinforced steel) and is ideal for securing lockers (perhaps in the gym, university, school), cellars, login and so on. The main feature is that the padlock – which can be unlocked both via the app and via the keypad and a numeric code – is fully programmable. Through the app it is possible to create permanent and temporary pins, each associated with a specific person, and also temporary pins, which expire after a certain amount of time or after they have been used. Not only that, through the app it is also possible to have total control over access, understand who opened the padlock at what time and on what day and if unsuccessful attempts have been made. Igloohome Padlock is also particularly suitable for those who rent rooms or houses on Airbnb because it can connect to the app’s calendar by generating pins linked to the stay of their guests, able to activate and deactivate when the time is right (for example: at time of check-in or check-out).

Lots of security options

The padlock has many features that make it even safer, in addition to the physical ones: it is possible to set the deactivation of the numeric keypad if the pin is wrong many times (a sign that perhaps someone malicious is trying to access), there is the functionality of automatic lock, there is a low battery alert (the battery lasts about a year) and it is also possible to open it – in the event of a completely flat battery – by connecting a normal 9V alkaline battery and typing the main pin at the same time. The package includes a protective silicone cover that protects against scratches, dust, atmospheric events from -20 to +50 degrees (not extreme, however). Igloohome in Italy sells through Amazon, the price of Padlock is 139 euros.