Sneaker mania: LG launches two hi-tech products to clean and expose shoes

Styler ShoeCase and Styler ShoeCare are two products designed for fans of collectible shoes

At IFA 2022, LG Electronics unveiled two hi-tech shoe care solutions: LG Styler ShoeCase and LG Styler ShoeCare. To respond to the increasingly widespread trend among Millennials and Gen Z of collecting limited edition shoes, especially sneakers, LG has developed a solution that allows not only to show them but also to take care of them. LG Styler ShoeCase is a clear paneled solution that allows you to both store your shoes and display them. In addition to creating the ideal environment for storing shoes by protecting them from moisture and avoiding fabric discoloration thanks to UV1 light, the Styler ShoeCase has a 360 ° rotating platform and modular design that allows you to stack up to four shoecases one on top the other one. LG Styler ShoeCare will also make its debut at IFA, which uses TrueSteam technology to freshen shoes: this solution takes advantage of the absorbent properties of the Zeo-Dry zeolite filter to absorb moisture and remove unpleasant odors from footwear. In fact, it can regulate the use of TrueSteam technology according to the type of shoes and fabric and cools up to four pairs of shoes in 37 minutes (standard cycle) in a silent way (35 decibels).

LG Styler ShoeCare is also equipped with a Moving Nozzle that dries the inside of the shoes and is adjustable according to the height of each pair of shoes. In addition, the Dual Care System function allows you to clean two types of shoes with different fabrics at the same time, respecting the different needs of the materials. In addition, LG is in fact entering into partnerships with various lifestyle brands to offer new functionalities and features that will be made available through the ThinQ app update center. “The new LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare represent a complete shoe care solution: from cleaning to organization and display,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Thanks to our latest technologies and unique design, these innovative products are the ideal solution for those looking for an easier and more comfortable way to organize their shoe collection. Our goal is to continue to provide innovative solutions for a better quality of life at home “.