Snoop Dogg quitting marijuana was a publicity stunt

Last Thursday, November 16, Snoop Dogg made headlines for the shocking announcement he made: “After much consideration and conversations with my family, I have decided to quit smoking.” His message ended with a request: “Please respect my privacy at this time.”

But now we understand that the smoke the rapper was referring to was not that of his joint but that of the barbecue. It was all an advertising troll to launch a brazier which, according to the musician, would solve the problem of smoke affecting clothes.
On his Instagram profile he shared a video in the last few hours in which it turns out that it was all a publicity stunt. In the last images of the clip, we see Snoop Dogg roasting a marshmallow and laughing. The brazier is from the Solo Stove brand.

“Indeed, that ‘please respect my privacy’ was too ironic to be true,” notes the Italian edition of the magazine a Rolling Stone.

You can watch the video shared by Snoop Dogg on his Instagram account in which we discover that the decision to stop smoking actually hides something else, namely selling a brazier which would solve the problem of too much smoke affecting clothes and which, according to of the rapper, it would cause a cough.

The shocking message: “I have an announcement: I’m quitting smoking”

When Snoop Doug came out with his shocking statement last November 16th – “I have an announcement: I’m quitting smoking” – the internet literally went crazy. Among the many comments that emerged on social networks, there was also “They hacked your account”, because such a decision for someone who is considered an icon of marijuana smokers really sounded too absurd. In these hours RS writes that “Snoop is as much an icon of marijuana smokers as Willie Nelson is of country music.” “Yet it’s not April 1st,” commented another follower of the musician.

Below you can watch the recent video that denies the decision to quit marijuana, despite last Thursday a very serious unpublished Snoop told us that he would say enough to smoking. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Snoop, smoking is your thing.’ But I’ve had enough. No more coughing and smelly clothes.”

But the solution is the right brazier… Snoop Doug fooled us all, in short.