‘So gross’: Kourtney Kardashian is criticized by her fans for ‘inappropriate’ behavior in her daughter’s TikTok video

Kourtney kardashian has faced backlash from fans for his ‘inappropriate PDA’ with Travis barker in the last video of TikTok from her daughter.

Travis and Kourtney, this time failed to impress fans with their show full of ‘”Public Displays of Affection” (PDA for their acronym in English), as they got into the impromptu ‘performance’ of passionate couples that their daughter Penelope captured while filming a TikTok.

In the video, they are seen going around in circles as the song Helicopter sounds in the background.

The trio smiled as they turned and turned until Kourtney and her partner stopped by for an intimate hug in the clip that was recorded by a nine-year-old daughter.

The video shows Kourtney kardashian grabbing her boyfriend and catching her in a hug while Penelope continues spinning.

Some fans criticized the couple for their endless “PDA” in front of their five children, with one writing: “Why did they randomly start hugging?”

“They can’t stop hugging”wrote another, adding the skull emoji for emphasis.

One of his fans complained: “It was so awkward in the end”, while another tagged the scenes: “So gross”.

Kourtney kardashian he is neither hesitant nor ashamed to share his affection for Travis barker, especially since they announced that they will marry.