“So I blocked the attacker from Termini station”, the story of the carabiniere

“I found him in front of me and I thought ‘it’s him’. He wasn’t aggressive, he seemed worn out by life on the street, I found the edged weapons in his pocket”

“Like every afternoon we were going home on the 2675 train that takes us from Milan Central to Brescia. We got on the first carriage, as I climbed the stairs to the upper floor I noticed a man in whom I immediately recognized the Termini bomber, thanks to the photos shot that morning, especially for the somatic features and the red shoes. I found him in front of me and I thought ‘It’s him'”. This is the story told to Adnkronos by Deputy Brigadier Filippo Consoli, 36 years old, effective at the Milan Group’s Radiomobile Nucleus, who together with his wife, a nurse in the same barracks in Montebello, headquarters of the mobile radio and the infirmary, blocked the young man yesterday believed to be the attacker of the Israeli tourist at Termini station.

“He turned abruptly and got off, I supported his descent into the train and while my wife went to Polfer to ask for help, I got in touch with the mobile radio unit so that they immediately brought a gazelle closer. I decided to block it only at the arrival of the gazelle, at the same time as the agents of the Railway Police – he continues – Absolutely not aggressive, quite bewildered – thus describes Aleksander Mateusz Chomiak – a person at that moment weak and dejected, tried by life on the street. when I showed him the still image of the video from Termini’s video surveillance cameras which portrayed him head-on, asking him if it was him, he nodded assent. I blocked his right arm, luckily it was in the right pocket that I found the edged weaponsand from there I had him put on handcuffs”.

“Of course, I thought I would endanger my life and above all that of others, but I would do it again – he specifies – absolutely yes. My wife and I have only thought of acting in safety, even in the light of the many present: we are carabinieri 360 degrees”. “Don’t worry – his wife intervenes, Nicoletta Piccoli, 37 years old, effective at the Presidiary Infirmary of the Lombardy Legion Command – On the other hand, it is part of our job, we have tried to act calmly, waiting for the arrival of our patrol and of the polfer”. (by Silvia Mancinelli)