Soccer, Massimo Mauro: “I, in Napoli with Maradona, tell you: wonderful game but no comparison”

“A wonderful playing tourbillon that led to a miracle”. So to AdnKronos Massimo Mauro, Calabrian, former Napoli player who also played with Diego Armando Maradona, comments on the exploits of Luciano Spalletti’s Napoli, who is dictating the law in the Championship by relying on his strength also in the Champions League.

“Given who had left Napoli – starts Mauro -, I’m talking about Mertens, Koulibaly, Insigne, Fabian Ruiz, all strong and established players, and seeing who replaced them, Kim, Kvaratskhelia, Ndombele, Raspadori for the first time in a great team , there was some doubt, he was not so sure that they could play so well. And instead … I think they have been very, very favored by the type of game that Spalletti has imposed on Napoli, both last year and this year. wonderful: there is no one standing still, everyone has a duty to pass the ball and move, whoever has the ball has two or three passing options, then they are technically good, they have an impressive achievement rate, which means that everything is going well, and here is the miracle, a marvel “.

“The secret of Napoli, which is the secret of Pulcinella, is the game – emphasizes Mauro -, this is a team that wins by playing well. The interpreters also change, but the way to win has not changed in any game. They always play from behind, they always do scoring moves, they are very good at counter-attacking but they use it when they are forced by other teams. When they are closed in their own half they are also good at defending and then restarting on the counterattack, because Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia are players who, if they have the pitch, are very fast and technically good. They know how to do everything. But the wonderful thing is that they play and win by always imposing their own game idea. ”

“So far the extraordinary thing about Napoli – continues Massimo Mauro – are the players who have played less. They have always played one hundred percent games, and this is an important secret, because those who play two, three or four leave but play them one hundred percent. percent, does not make you miss the owners, you create the group and being on the bench is not a problem because Spalletti has valued them all, so you create the group that wins “.

Mauro played with Maradona, but is it possible to hazard a comparison between that Napoli and this one? “More than 30 years have passed – he explains -, it is therefore a difficult exercise to make comparisons, but the comparison with Maradona’s Napoli cannot hold up. That Napoli had individualities that have never been seen on football fields anymore. Let’s leave Maradona alone. , it is not even to mention, but it is also difficult to compare Careca to any striker who has arrived at Napoli after him. Extraordinary players have passed from Napoli. These are very good, however, to understand us, Osimhen would not take the place of Careca, Careca would take him to Osimhen. But Osimhen is very good, in his context he is now one of the best in the world “.

As for the hypothesis that Napoli could suffer a setback after the break at the Soccer World Cup, with the risk that some pursuing team will undermine their primacy, Mauro observes: “If Juve, Inter and Milan will resume or start to play better , then yes, but if the quality of play will be that seen so far, the gap with Napoli remains sacrosanct, because Napoli plays absolutely better than these three teams, so I see it as difficult. Everything is fine. On the first occasion Napoli scores while Inter, for example, misses the first chances. And when the year is like this, it should be the right year, the year of Napoli, only you have to arrive to the end, anything can happen that can give problems to the mechanism “.

“Those who play well deserve to win – concludes Mauro -, those who always try to propose scoring chances must be rewarded. It is easier to stay back and throw the ball forward, and if there is a phenomenon in front of them, they take the ball And he scores. Of course, it’s nice to win in this way too, but less beautiful than those who, on the other hand, lead the whole team up front, like Napoli do, and create scoring chances. The important thing, therefore, is that Napoli you deserve, through the game, the position it has in the standings.