Social hug to Berlusconi: support from 9 out of 10 users, few haters

Analysis carried out by Spin Factor for Adnkronos: 1.8 million interactions generated on the topic from 5 to 7 April. And the haters this time are residual and isolated

It is an unprecedented hug that social networks are bestowing in these hours on Silvio Berlusconi, hospitalized in intensive care at the San Raffaele in Milan. 86.11% of users express closeness, support and solidarity with the leader of Forza Italia. This is what emerges from the analysis carried out by Spin Factor, a leading national company in strategic political and institutional consultancy, created exclusively for Adnkronos through Human, its web and social listening platform created entirely with an Italian semantic-based algorithm.

Semantic analysis gives the idea of ​​the closeness of the Italians to Berlusconi, the most used words and combinations of words are “auguri”, “prompt recovery”, “friends allies”, “dear president”, “trust”, “in good luck”.

“These are extraordinary data, rarely encountered even in the most polarized social conversations – commented Tiberio Brunetti, founder and administrator of Spin Factor – Italians online have poured in a vast wave of affection in support of Silvio Berlusconi. The reasons given are many and give an idea of ​​the greatness and versatility of the character: some pay homage to him as an entrepreneur, some as a political leader, some as president of the great Milan before and of Monza today”.

“Some consider him ‘one of the family’, others ‘a guide’ – continued Brunetti – There are many who confess that they have never appreciated his political ideas and have sometimes contested them, but respect his courage and determination In short, Berlusconi agrees with the Italians. This time the haters are residual and isolated: those who have made disparaging posts have often been overwhelmed by negative comments. Of course, we find some unjustifiable excesses, but it is physiological, given the mass of conversations and the interest generated. On this point of view, the Italians on social media have given a great proof of maturity, which is absolutely not taken for granted”.

Human’s research was conducted starting from the news of the hospitalization of the former prime minister. The volumes of interactions on the topic between 5 and 7 April amounted to 1,800,000 interactions generated.