Social media, Fedez the most followed star of 2021

Laura Pausini and Jovanotti always leaders on Facebook and Twitter

Unrivaled Fedez on social media among showbiz characters. The mapping of the famous celebrities of the show by the Social Vip Observatory of the digital reputation consultancy Pubblico Delirio, now in its tenth year of activity, shows the rapper at the top of the 2021 overall ranking with his 18.3 million total followers between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

After him, the Netflix star Michele Morrone who thanks to 15.3 million followers of which 3.1 million new climbs by three positions, slightly surpassing Belen Rodriguez (15.2 million), Laura Pausini (14.8 million), stable in fourth position, and the singer and actor of Violetta and Soy Luna Ruggero Pasquarelli (14.7 million), who drops to fifth.

The quartet made up of Emma Marrone (11.3 million), Diletta Leotta (10 million), Michelle Hunziker (9.2 million) and Alessia Marcuzzi (8.8 million) holds positions from 6 to 9. Enter the Top 10 at tenth place Elettra Lamborghini (8.6 million) which thus sends out of the ten Jovanotti (8.4 million).

The triumph of the Maneskins in the year of records

The Måneskin, in the year of records, naturally conquer social media as well. The Roman group that is fascinating the world, after winning the Sanremo Festival, triumphed at the Eurovision Song Contest and opened the Rolling Stones concert, finds itself at the end of 2021 with 7.5 million total followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram entering directly in fourteenth position. Boom in particular on Instagram, where the group has conquered 165 positions and ranked 7th (5.8 million).

Even the personal profiles of the members of the band have made enormous leaps: frontman Damiano, 29th in the general ranking, has climbed 196 positions on Instagram, conquering 12th place (5 million followers, + 4.5 million). On the social photo, bassist Victoria (3.5 million, + 3.2 million) entered 19th position followed by drummer Ethan 42nd (1.9 million, + 1.8) and guitarist Thomas 62nd (1, 7 million, + 1.6).

But the social media scenario is evolving and, for example, the evolution of Instagram is strong and moves between entertainment and information. “Instagram shows once again this year to be the social of the news but it is no longer just the social of the image” – says Stefano Chiarazzo, founder of the Social Vip Observatory – “In addition to following the lives of their favorites and discovering new talents and trends, old and new generations are increasingly accustomed to entertain themselves, inform themselves and form an opinion with their contents, behavior and statements “. Fedez (13.1 million), increasingly present on the Italian scene as a competitor in Sanremo, presenter of “LOL – Who laughs is out” on Amazon Prime and protagonist in the TV series “The Ferragnez”, surpasses Michele Morrone (12.8 million ) and conquers the first step. Belen Rodriguez (10.2 million) once again this year has to settle for third place.

The presenter of DAZN and Radio 105 Diletta Leotta (8 million) continues her rise, overtaking Ruggero Pasquarelli (7.8 million) in fourth position. After Twerking Queen Elettra Lamborghini (6.8 million) defending the 6th position, and the aforementioned Maneskin in 7th, we find Emma Marrone (5.2 million, +2 positions) followed by Alessia Marcuzzi (5.2 million, – 2) and Giulia De Lellis (5.1 million, – 2). Other artists to report? Elodie who gains 8 positions (28th), Rudy Zerbi 9 (38th), Elisabetta Gregoraci 10 (47th) and more in the rear Angelo Pintus who thanks to LOL and his shows on Amazon Prime almost doubles his fan base (1 , 2 million followers, + 598 thousand), returning to the Top 100 in 97th position.

On Facebook and Twitter many confirmations and some surprises

Unchanged the podium on Facebook with Laura Pausini (7.7 million), Andrea Bocelli (5.7 million) and Ruggero Pasquarelli (5.4 million); instead, Belen Rodriguez (5 million, 4th) and Eros Ramazzotti (4.7 million, 5th) swap places. Frank Matano, thanks to his participation in LOL, surpasses Emma Marrone and finishes 7th, after Vasco Rossi. Checco Zalone scores a + 3 and slips Gianni Morandi to 10th place. Also worth mentioning is Michele Morrone who with 1.8 million new followers for a total of 2.4 surpasses 115 other artists and is ranked 23rd, Pio and Amedeo (2.4 million, +6, 24th), Alberto Angela (1.9 million +8, 36th), Vanessa Incontrada (1.7 million, +7, 42nd) and Diletta Leotta (1.7 million, +5, 43rd).

Jovanotti and Laura Pausini confirm themselves at the head of the Twitter ranking with respectively 3.7 and 3.3 million followers, while Emma Marrone (2.5 million) gives way to Fedez (2.7 million) who with 413 thousand new follower is third. Michelle Hunziker and Ligabue, as in 2020, are 5th and 6th. J-Ax gives space to Marco Mengoni who takes over in 7th position overtaking Nicola Savino stable in 8th. The Top 10 are closed by Alessia Marcuzzi (9th) and Alessandra Amoroso (10th). Enter the Top 50, the presenter of Propaganda Live Diego Bianchi (48th, +5).

Italian VIPs between digital detox, controversy, body shaming and activism

“If some famous people decide to exploit their visibility to actively support social, environmental and health causes by attracting strong attacks with their activism” – continues Chiarazzo – “Also in 2021 there were several cases of celebrities who, following strong criticism professional or body shaming, have opted for total or partial digital detox “. Some examples? Fiorello, who has always had a fluctuating relationship with social media. After the Sanremo controversy he stopped updating his followers (2.1 million on Facebook, 1.3 million on Twitter) and deleted many of the latest posts, if not all as in the case of Instagram (1.9 million). J-Ax, victim of death threats by No-Vax, was not frightened and continues to take sides publicly, however, pausing from Twitter.

Also worth mentioning are the body shaming attacks on Mara Vernier (34th on Instagram, 2.3 million followers) who decides to respond in kind by claiming her freedom to appear as she prefers and to Loretta Goggi (117 thousand followers on Facebook), who prefers instead clean up the most willing comments, ban users who have exaggerated and entrust the management to its staff.