Social storm on Laura Chiatti, the actress: “But what a sexist, it was a goliardic joke”

Pillon’s applause: ”92 minutes of applause. And boundless esteem

It does not subside social storm against Laura Chiatti after his statements released a ‘Sunday in’. The actress, host of Mara Venier to present the new film ‘The Hunt’ together with her husband Marco Bocciwho is the director of the film, also answering personal questions about his family life, said that he does not tolerate ”the man who starts making the bedgive the vacuum cleaner. Eros lowers meit kills me”. Chiatti’s words aroused indignation from many users and followers of the actress: “Shame on you, a man who knows how to cook is sexier”, ”Unrecognizable”, ”Laura Chiatti has become Ilary Blasi”, write other users also criticizing the physical appearance of the actress accused of having ”ruined” her face with a scalpel. And again: ” I would like to tell Laura Chiatti that my husband not only washes the dishes but he also irons my things because I with ca … what ironing ”. Instead, the former Northern League senator took the field in favor of the actress Simone Pillon who wrote in a tweet: ”92 minutes of applause. And boundless esteem”. Chiatti therefore on Instagram was forced to clarify and posting “one of the many comments I am receiving from WOMEN – writes the actress – publicly and privately”, which reads: “But shame on you… in 2023 say that the woman must stay in her place, while the man cannot, that it lowers your eros. I find it much more sexy a man who knows how to cook, who helps me do the cleaning”, he writes: ”I usually avoid paying too much attention to content of this type, because I don’t like feeding what is built just to do controversy”.

”But when this comes totally misinterpreted and exploited only and exclusively to discredit and dishonor the person I am – underlines Chiatti – I feel like expressing my thoughts, following the principle of freedom that I have always consistently declared to be for me, something that is really worth fighting for. I state that one goliardic joke in a funny context and carefree like Mara Venier’s living room cannot and should not be labeled as discriminatory or even worse sexist… are concepts that do not belong to me and that strongly repudiated. I am sorry that the numerous and glorious battles for equal rights between men and women and on freedom of thought are shattering miserably on the indifferent attack on a woman’s thought – writes Chiatti – It is really true that in the contemporary world the It’s the only place where the perfect is achieved equality it’s… in traffic. Ah, I forgot- she concludes ironically- This morning my husband made the bed, vacuumed and cleaned the bathrooms, and all in all I have to say that….”. “My love, I would like to know if Marco did something else????”, Venier jokingly asks under the actress’s post, “I would like to underline in a masterful way”, Chiatti replies.

(by Alisa Toaff)