Sodexo benefits and rewards services-Italian Communication, Welfare day kicks off

The first edition of the Welfare dayevent promoted by Sodexo benefits and rewards services in collaboration with Italian communication. The event, of which Adnkronos is Media partnerwill be held at the ‘Community house’ TV studios in Rome, with speakers and guests in presence and public in live streaming connection, available on by all HR managers, welfare managers and professionals interested in deepening the binomial consisting of ‘digital transformation’ and ‘corporate welfare’.

In an era in which digitization is a central element for the life of all people, whether they are intended as consumers of products, users of services, customers or employees of a company, companies’ attention is growing towards all those digital solutions. aimed at improving business processes, customer relations and employee well-being. It is no coincidence that Sodexo benefits and rewards services Italy, a leading company in the welfare and flexible benefits market, places highly digitized services at the center of its offer, designed to offer end users the best possible user experience.

But how can innovation and digitalization improve today flexible benefit both with respect to the provision of services by companies and with respect to the UX of users? What digital tools does welfare make available today to improve quality of life of employees? It’s possible customize company benefits in order to increase the motivation and engagement of collaborators? And in general, how does corporate welfare change in the era of digital transformation? These are the main questions that will be posed to the Welfare Day, the event that arises as a moment of discussion and reflection to take stock of how digitalization is a tool to support corporate welfare and employee benefits, and how much still remains to be done to make them more efficient, streamline and extend their processes.

Participation as speaker of hr directors and welfare managers of important companies on the Italian and international scene, including Vodafone, Autostrade per l’Italia, Philips, Zurich, Terna, among others, will be expected to report and discuss experiences, the initiatives, the critical issues encountered and the work still to be done regarding the digital implementation of corporate welfare services.

To promote the event, Sodexo benefits and rewards services Italy, a company belonging to the multinational Sodexo group, present in Italy since 1974, which offers benefit services such as meal vouchers, vouchers, fuel vouchers and other tax-free productivity goods, alongside structured corporate welfare programs, with a pool of 600,000 users to date.

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