Sofía Vergara steals all eyes while dazzling in a white bikini from Miami

sophia vergara is blessing fans with her beauty in a stunning bikini photo she shared on social media.

According to the tradition of Sofia, honored fans with a swimsuit photo; Thursdays mark TBTeither Throwback Thursdaywhen social networks explode with past photos shared in the present.

Today was no exception, as the Colombian bombshell posted a photo on her Instagram story with her spectacular body in a bikini. Although fans can’t publicly comment on an Instagram Story, many of her 26.5 million followers likely appreciated the action.

The photo showed Sofia from her modeling days in Miami; a city she has shown affection for over the years.

Sofia had wet hair, she had just come down from the Atlantic Ocean behind her. Sofia adjusted her bikini top, which was white with embellished straps. The white bikini also featured rhinestones in the center, securing each half of the garment. Her bikini bottoms matched, but instead of strings, her bottoms had chains on her hips.

the star of modern-family He sported tanned skin and toned abs with visible lines on his tummy, the result of hard work at the gym. The sun shone down from above, missing her face but highlighting her tanned body.

Sofia added yellow text to the photo, which read “Miami” and “#TBT.”

Sofía Vergara offers fashion tips for women

Sofia is a big advocate of dressing according to her body type and encourages other women to do the same.

Sofia told ET: “I think it’s important to always work with what you have. Look in the mirror and realize what’s the best thing that’s happening to you.”

Sophia suggested: “If you have a great pair of legs, if you have a small waist, wear high-waisted jeans or skirts… Work with what you have and don’t focus on the other things you can’t change. so you can find a balance and like yourself.”

Continuous: “I have beautiful women in my family, but they are all very different and they all like to dress very well. Some are tall, some are very short, some are super voluptuous, some are super skinny.”

Sofia Vergara’s niece, Claudia Vergara, reveals aunt wisdom

One of the beautiful women of the family of Sofia is your niece, claudia vergara .

Claudia revealed that her aunt offered her the same advice.

Claudia told us that Sofia suggested that she not follow the trends, but instead focus on her strengths. Claudia said: “She [Sofia] he always says: ‘Only wear what you want and don’t just follow what’s in fashion’. It has to look good on you.’”

Claudia followed Aunt Sofia’s advice and revealed: “There are a lot of fashion things I don’t look great in, so I don’t wear them. You just have to know your body and know what works for you and stick with that.”

Sofia she concluded that confidence is the most attractive thing, something that she has taught her niece.