Soft drugs, Schlein for legalization: “Fight the mafias”

The Dem leader: “Use and not only demonstrate that it is not an incentive to use”

Elly Schlein is “in favor” of legalizing soft drugs. This was clearly stated by the secretary of the Pd of ‘Tonight there is Cattelan’ which will be broadcast this evening on Rai 2. “I think it would be a good way to fight the mafias and organized crime, also because where it was made, in the United States and beyond, it demonstrates that there is a more conscious use, that it is not an incentive to use it especially for pre-adolescents and it is certainly a way to undermine the organized crime that manages the trafficking of cannabis. So in my opinion we need to go down this path”, said the secretary.

As for the party leader and the weight of the expectations on her, she admits: “I feel all the performance anxiety, but this motivates us to try to keep our feet firmly on the ground and try to improve every day. We knew what awaited us, an uphill road and we put on comfortable shoes on purpose. We feel a great responsibility to build an alternative to those who govern after years of disillusionment with the left and with the Democratic Party”.