Solar energy against expensive bills, Fico’s sustainable model

The 26 restaurants and street food of the only theme park in the world dedicated to Italian food, do not have to pay rent and bills thanks to the virtuous model of Fico Eataly World. A photovoltaic system of about 55 thousand square meters, the largest in Europe installed on the roofin fact, allows the Park to satisfy about 45% -50% of its energy needs thanks to solar energy, thus allowing an even more significant economic and environmental saving in this period.

The building is largely made of wood with advanced district heating systems and no gas is used: in fact, all the kitchens of the Park operators are electric and induction. In addition to these structural advantages, Fico’s restaurateurs (protection consortia, food factories, restaurants and street food) can benefit from free spaces and operate without a fixed rent and without having to pay bills.

“While throughout Italy bars and restaurants are in great difficulty due to the costs to be incurred in this period of crisis, in Fico the restaurateurs do not suffer the expensive bills thanks to the virtuous energy model of the Park – he explains Stefano Cigarini, CEO of Fico Eataly World – Fico is an example of sustainability not only for its structural characteristics, but also for the use of compostable materials by all its operators and for its circular ‘0 meter’ system: the food excellences produced by the factories of Fico are in fact used and administered by all the restaurateurs of the different areas. A sort of large shared market, just like in traditional farming communities “.