Soleil Arises with natural hair and face: this leaves everyone speechless

Soleil Sorge shows her face without make-up and natural hair: this way she leaves all followers speechless.

Soleil Rises in recent months she has been at the center of attention, her experience in the house of Big Brother Vip has been more than fruitful. In fact, after leaving, new job offers immediately arrived. In the house the former competitor was a great protagonist.

Soleil rises, natural (credits. Instagram)

Often for her frankness she clashed with the other roommates and in the episode the quarrels ended up at the center of the interest of the dynamics. To feed her direct there was then the relationship born with Alex Belli. For weeks and months there has been talk of them, even with the entry of Delia Duran, the actor’s partner. This bond has been given the name of ‘triangle’. In the end, however, after the conclusion of the reality show, the friendship did not continue. Soleil is very busy, she recently gave birth to her State Of Soleil brand, where we can find swimwear but also bandanas, trousers and summer clothes.

The Gf Vip was certainly an extra step for her but in recent years we have seen her in other reality shows, for example in Beijing Express with her mother Wendy or even in The Island of the Famous, where she has shown that she has incredible strength and she put it on when she returned for a very short time to Honduras this year. Her following on her social networks has grown a lot in recent months and today there are over a million followers. She is used to sharing many stories in which she shows what she does, she reveals the projects or we see her in simple moments of everyday life. In the last few days in some of her instagram stories she showed herself in a natural video.

Soleil Sorge with natural face and hair: it is beautiful even without makeup

Since she left Big Brother Vip Soleil she has followed an uphill path. She was a columnist on La pupa and the nerd show, we saw her in several programs, she created her own swimwear brand, State of Soleil, and it would seem that new and important news are on the way.

The first time we saw it on TV dates back to before Men and Women. In fact, the former contestant participated years ago in Miss Italy. She later she arrived in Maria De Filippi’s program to woo Luca Onestini. After the choice there was the separation when Luca entered as a competitor to GF Vip. Today she Soleil would seem to be busy, she has been paparazzi several times with a person and even within the reality show she had said that there was someone outside waiting for her. The number of followers in recent months has grown, she interacts with them a lot, she answers questions and shares the moments of her daily life, In some recent instagram stories she has shown herself natural, here she is:

natural soleil
Soleil without makeup (credits: instagram)

This is a shot taken from a video in which he writes ‘reading, working, writing, meditating’. Soleil has natural, wet hair, still without crease and her face would appear without makeup. A few weeks ago she decided to renew her look, in fact we have always seen her with her long hair and now she wears it quite short and she looks great. Even so, with natural hair and a face without make-up she is very beautiful.