Soleil Sorge shows his new home: “It takes shape slowly”

Soleil Sorge shows everyone his new home on social media: “My new house takes shape”.

This is a busy year for Soleil Sorge. A few months ago the experience inside the Big Brother Vip house ended. It strongly divided the audience. Many appreciated it and just as many criticized it. The same happened, you will remember, when he was part of the Beijing Express and The Island of the Famous.

Soleil Sorge, home (credits: instagram)

Even earlier when she participated as a suitor to Men and Women. Soleil has a nice temper, strong, and is very very straightforward. She doesn’t send them to tell anyone and when she thinks something she says it openly. We got to see him right in the reality show. She was one of the protagonists of the sixth edition. After the release, she played the role of columnist on The Babe and the Geek where she, once again, has shown that she has personality to sell.

Now a new adventure has begun. She is also in the cast of the new edition of GF Vip. Together with Pierpaolo Petrelli she leads the GF Vip Party on mediaset play. Last year there were Giulia Salemi and Gaia Zorzi. This year, however, Giulia has a new role in the studio. She has her own station and manages social networks. She informs during the live what is written on the various platforms by those who follow the reality show. Soleil after all these experiences has seen the number of followers on her instagram grow. She keeps in touch with them through stories and photos. A few days ago he showed a small corner of his new home: “It takes shape slowly “.

Soleil Sorge shows some details of his new home: “It takes shape slowly”

She is the presenter, together with Pierpaolo Petrelli, of the GF Vip Party broadcast on mediaset play. This year Alfonso Signorini has chosen them for the new edition of Big Brother Vip, which began on September 19th on channel 5.

Shortly before the episode, the format begins and Soleil and Pierpaolo interview various characters from the show, asking questions in reference to the reality show and the new competitors. In recent months, the former competitor has never stood still. She created her own costume brand, State of Soleil. The items sold were very popular with those who follow her. She had made it known on her social media by revealing details of her brand. She on her instagram she is very active and in general shows everyday life. A few days ago, in her stories, posted a video showing some details of his new home.

soleil rises house
Soleil’s house (credits: instagram)

My new house takes shape slowly “, he wrote. There are many details to note, there is a mirror on the wall, a plant, a corner where books are placed, it seems. In front there is a table with chairs around it and a tall lamp illuminates everything. The colors don’t look very bright but go on a neutral shade. Soleil’s new house is very nice.