Somalia, Al Shabaab attack in Mogadishu: at least 8 dead

The explosion was caused by a car bomb

At least eight people died in a bomb attack carried out this morning in Mogadishu by the Islamist militias of Al Shabaab. The explosion was followed by volleys of firearms. Somali police confirmed the provisional toll of eight dead and 17 seriously injured in the attack, which took place around 7.30 (local time), in full rush hour.

The explosion was caused by a car bomb at the Mogasdicio K4 junction and involved several buildings and vehicles, including a school, so it is feared that most of the victims may be students. The target was a convoy of a local security company guarding the UN offices, as stated by the police, who have not yet indicated whether any UN personnel have been hit.

The attack was claimed by Al Shabaab, which in recent days has carried out several attacks against convoys of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and against the security forces of the African country. Somalia is facing an increase in the number of attacks by Al Shabaab – linked to the terrorist organization Al Qaeda – both in the capital and in other parts of the south of the country.