“Some people are not to be forgiven”: the terrible episode told in front of the cameras

The terrible episode told in front of the cameras: “Some people are not to be forgiven”, his words are truly creepy

The story blew the audience away. No one would have expected such a speech. He told everything in great detail, making the listeners shiver. In this article we report his words, but we announce that the story is very crude.

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Terrible episode told in front of the cameras: his words (Source: Pixabay)

Terrible episode told in front of the cameras

Called as a guest on the well-known TV show, he didn’t make it and unbuttoned himself. The man told a creepy story, talking about a story that totally marked his existence. Her words, completely unexpected, have blown everyone away, from the host to the audience to the listener.

No one would have expected such a tale, but knowing the host’s troubled life perhaps they should have expected it. For the first time, however, the man told an unpublished detail of his existence and his words made viewers shiver. Do you want to know who we are talking about? If you are curious, keep reading the article.

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In one of the previous episodes of “very true“, Program conducted by Silvia Toffanin on Canale 5, was a guest Gianluca Grignani, well known singer and record producer. His interview was very touching. There was also a moment of tension: Grignani was in fact angry and was recalled by the host. We all know his character, but few knew this detail related to his life.

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gianluca grignani social attack

In Silvia Toffanin’s studio, the well-known singer-songwriter has decided to get naked, recounting a terrible experience lived as a young man. His words, totally unexpected, have blown the audience away. His creepy tale has kept viewers high. In fact, no one would have expected such a confession.

Grignani told of being harassed at the age of 10: “I was a shy kid. I had a great interest in music. I socialized a lot, then in 1982 I had a strange encounter with a pedophile. He would sit on top of me and ask me to have a relationship with him. He was 18 years old. He couldn’t get what he wanted from me and he beat me. My parents, mistakenly, preferred not to go forward legally. Some people are not to be forgiven. He said that he beat me to other guys, who then took me in the same way “.