Some rain in the Centre-North, but the anticyclone won’t let up: weather forecast

The deterioration will be very rapid and localized, in San Silvestro prevalence of stable and clear weather

After weeks of absolute stability, something is moving: an Atlantic perturbation is crossing central-northern Europe with bad weather over the United Kingdom and France and with intense phenomena also in Portugal. Italy will be affected by the tail of this perturbation: in the next few hours, in fact, the tail will marginally cross the north and part of the central regions, in particular Tuscany and Marche. It will be a decidedly modest deterioration but, after weeks of flat calm, it is necessary to report the opening of umbrellas in some areas of our beautiful country.

Andrea Garbinato, editorial manager of the website, confirms the disturbance but also indicates that the deterioration will be very rapid and localized: in the next few hours some rainstorms will affect Liguria di Levante, Upper Tuscany, Friuli and Valle d’Aosta with snow levels in the Alps around 1400 meters; in the afternoon the phenomena will tend to become a little more widespread in Tuscany and to partly expand towards Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

The penultimate day of 2022 will see the movement of the small disturbance towards the East: rain is still expected in the same areas with a modest possible involvement also of Umbria, Lazio and Alta Campania.

In New Year’s Eve the weather will see a prevalence of stable and clear weather thanks to the return of the African anticyclone. Between 31st and 1st January, despite the overwhelming African anticyclone over the entire peninsula, we must however point out the possibility of a wet toast in Milan with 10°C at midnight (hot therefore) and in Genoa as regards the main cities; we will also have a toast without cold in the mountains with zero degrees at 2500-2700 meters.

In short, we will repeat last year’s New Year’s Eve with lots of sun and lots of heat, especially in the mountains with freezing temperatures, just think, which will reach 3300 meters from the Alps to Sicily, an altitude that is normally reached in the summer. An incredible value that confirms the arrival of the second Summer New Year in a row: both 2022 and 2023 start with a bang, the hot bang of Climate Change.


Thursday 29. In the north: scattered showers by evening. In the centre: rain in Upper Tuscany, dry elsewhere. In the south: partly cloudy skies.

Friday 30. In the north: mists or overcast skies with some showers over Liguria and the north-east. In the centre: partly cloudy sky with rain over Upper Tuscany. In the south: mostly sunny and mild.

Saturday 31. In the north: sun in the mountains, clouds in the plains with drizzle not excluded in Lombardy and Liguria. In the centre: clouds over Upper Tuscany, sunny elsewhere. In the south: mostly sunny and mild.

Trend. Sunny and warm New Year’s Eve except for low clouds in the Centre-North. Subsequent modest subsidence of the high pressure in the North.