Son La Russa accused of sexual assault, the political reactions from the Democratic Party to the Greens

The case concerning the third child of the president of the Senate causes discussion in the political world: “It is disgusting to hear words from the second office of state that undermine the credibility of women”, said Pd secretary Elly Schlein. “This is not the Republic of the Brothers of Italy, who decide by replacing the laws of the State and the Judiciary”, remarked Angelo Bonelli, deputy of AVS and national co-spokesman of Green Europe

The case of Leonardo Apache La Russa, son of the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, is discussed. The boy is accused of sexual assault against a twenty-two year old. “I questioned my son for a long time, he hasn’t committed anything criminally relevant. There are doubts about a complaint filed after 40 days and from a person who took cocaine before meeting my son,” said the Senate president. A statement that immediately aroused controversy on the part of the opposition.

The reaction of Schlein and the Pd

The reaction of the Democratic Party was very harsh, entrusted to an official note from the secretary Elly Schlein. “Apart from the responsibilities of the son, which it is up to the judiciary to clarify, it is disgusting to hear words from the second office of state that once again want to undermine the credibility of women who report sexual violence depending on how long it takes, or on the any intake of alcohol or drugs, as if this would automatically presume their consent. The President of the Senate cannot do secondary victimization. It is for this type of words that so many women do not denounce for fear of not being believed. The legitimation of sexist prejudice is unacceptable by those who have institutional positions”, declared Schlein. The comment of the deputy Alessandro Zan is also on the same wavelength. “La Russa is disconcerting: the second position in the state frees her son from all responsibility, under investigation in a delicate matter, effectively pressing the forces of order and the judiciary and feeds the toxic and perverse narrative of guilt of victims of sexual violence”, he said underlined Zan.

The comment by Verdi and + Europe

The secretary of +Europa, Riccardo Magi, also intervened on the matter: “Everyone is innocent up to the third degree of judgment and I also understand the pain of a father in reading certain accusations. But Ignazio La Russa is not just a father, he is also the president of the Senate. Above all, he is not a magistrate, nor an investigative body. For this reason, in the note that he released, it is rather worrying that he has already closed the case: he questioned his son, decreed his innocence, while the girl’s testimony is not reliable because she is ‘drugged’. For the role he plays, a dignified silence would have been better. Instead, this is an intolerable interference by the second office of the state towards those who are carrying out the investigations”, declared the leader of +Europe. Even Angelo Bonelli, national co-spokesman of Green Europe and deputy of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra, did not appreciate the words of the second state office. “The President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, interrogates his own son, accused of sexual violence, and exonerates him: nothing of criminal relevance. The fact that the second state office is responsible for these unacceptable statements, which attack the victim and exonerate the child, shows that our institutions have entered a phase of profound delegitimization due to deeply disqualifying behavior. The drift that this country is taking with institutional and government offices is absolutely unacceptable: this is not the Republic of the Brothers of Italy, who decide by replacing the laws of the State and the Judiciary. The action of the President of the Senate is unacceptable and disrespectful towards a girl who has reported a sexual assault. Sadly, we are faced with the usual story: the victim ends up becoming the accused,” he said in a statement.

La Russa: “I misunderstood, I don’t accuse the girl, as a father I believe in my son”

Ignazio La Russa, regarding what was previously declared on the complaint against his son, explained: “I’m sorry to be misunderstood. I mean it sincerely. I don’t accuse anyone and least of all the girl. Simply, as a father, after having heard for a long time, I believe my son. For the rest, I underline my respect for the investigators and the desire that they shed light as quickly as possible. Leonardo has appointed his defender and from now on it will be up to the latter to decide whether and when to intervene “.