Sonia Bruganelli, an extra luxury item appears: it is worth more than 150,000 euros and is in her home

Not just shoes and jewelry: Sonia Bruganelli has a passion for luxury even when it comes to her home, have you noticed that object?

Even before his experience as a columnist at GF Vip, Sonia Bruganelli he had never hidden his propensity for luxury on social media: clothes, shoes, jewels, bags, all in the name of the most prestigious brands.

Sonia Bruganelli, a super luxury object appears: it is worth more than 150,000 euros and is located in her home (Instagram)

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Often criticized for this passion, the wife of Paolo Bonolis she has never let herself be scratched by comments of any kind, continuing to indulge her tastes and lifestyle.

This is obviously also reflected in the furnishings chosen for her magnificent house, of which we can admire some corners thanks to the posts she usually publishes on social media. The followers did not miss an object that appeared in one of the photos posted recently by the entrepreneur, the cost of her will make you jump out of your chair!

How much does the exclusive object in Sonia Bruganelli’s house cost: you will hardly believe it

In Sonia’s bedroom there is a trunk At the mirror dedicated to personal care, with a series of drawers and compartments for storing make-up, jewelry, perfumes, etc. This is the Malle Coiffeuse by Louis Vuitton and the blonde columnist showed it in a shot in which her beloved cat also appears.

One meter high and covered with the typical Monogram canvas of the famous French brand, it is lined in microfiber of the iconic Rosa Ballerina color. Its price amounts to the beauty of 165,000 euros.

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Sonia Bruganelli house
Photo source: Instagram

As you can see from the photo, the style of the trunk is contemporary but you can see the inspiration from the classic models of the Maison.

Sonia Bruganelli house
Photo source: Instagram

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An object that literally drives women crazy, it is useless to deny it. Always glamorous and with refined tastes, Sonia never disappoints her followers!