Sonia Bruganelli and the 6 credit cards: the disagreement with the Bank

Sonia Bruganelli and the six credit cards: the columnist of the GF Vip had a disagreement with the Bank, a very unpleasant episode.

Have you ever wanted to shop online? We are sure of it: absolutely yes! On the other hand, they are now on the agenda! Sonia Bruganelli would have wanted to do them too, returning from holidays, but apparently it was not at all possible for her!

Sonia Bruganelli. Credits: Instagram

Missing less and less to the return of Sonia Bruganelli to the GF VIP! Even if she initially said that she would not participate if not on one condition, the entrepreneur will return to accompany Alfonso Signorini in this seventh edition of the reality show, having the legendary Orietta Berti as a traveling companion. Before being able to sit in the red armchair of the program – and this time she will do it for a long time – Bruganelli wanted to enjoy a relaxing holiday in the company of her husband, her family and her friends.

If Paola Di Benedetto, just returned from vacation, wanted to train, Sonia Bruganelli he was going to do some online shopping. Unfortunately, not everything went the way she wanted it to go. And on Twitter she told everything that happened. As told by the person directly concerned, the Roman entrepreneur has ben six credit cards, but none of them were right for him. Because? Let’s find out!

Sonia Bruganelli and the six credit cards: what happened with the bank

Very active on Instagram, but generally on all its official social channels, Sonia Bruganelli she couldn’t help but tell about the very unpleasant episode she stumbled upon because of hers credit cards. Returning from the holidays, the current commentator of the GF Vip has revealed that he wanted to buy three dresses from the official website of a famous brand, but that he could not proceed with the purchase. Her clothes were apparently in the shopping cart and the businesswoman was switching to payment, but something must have gone wrong: her credit card was blocked! A hard blow, therefore, for Sonia, who immediately got in touch with the assistance to understand what had really happened.

Once contacted the assistance, Sonia Bruganelli said she had to answer a series of questions that the operator of her bank had to ask her as a matter of course. From her date of birth up to the last digits of the card, the entrepreneur always answered correctly. When, however, she was asked for her current account number, Bruganelli was unable to give a concrete answer. “At that point sclero. I am forced to overcome my proverbial modesty and declare that I have 6 “, he told again. Again revealing that, given the different cards, she couldn’t remember the bank account number of each. “Undaunted he tells me that if I don’t tell him the account number he can’t unlock the card”, still tells. How did she end up? Not well! The card was not unlocked and Sonia was unable to proceed further with the purchase.

bruganelli credit cards
Sonia Instagram selfie. Credits: Instagram

Did such a thing happen to you too?