Sonia Bruganelli, have you seen the necklace worn at Gf Vip? Everyone can afford it, it costs a few euros

Have you seen the necklace worn by columnist Sonia Bruganelli at Gf Vip 6? Everyone can afford it, that’s how much it costs

In the last episode of the reality show, aired Monday in prime time on Canale 5, Sonia Bruganelli wore a ‘particular’ necklace, different from the others. What is particular for sure is the price. In fact, everyone can afford the necklace worn by the reality show columnist. Do you want to know how much it costs? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Gf Vip 6, have you seen Sonia Bruganelli’s necklace? The price is unbelievable! (Source: Instagram)

How much is the necklace worn by Sonia Bruganelli at Gf Vip 6

Last night a new episode of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. In the studio were present, in addition to the conductor Alfonso Signorini, also the opinion makers, Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli.

Paolo Bonolis’s wife is one of the protagonists of the Canale 5 reality show. For her this is her first television experience, since until now she has always worked behind the scenes. In these new guises, however, she is doing well and is much loved by the audience of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini.

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In addition to the opinions, always very interesting, the Big Brother Vip audience always pays attention to look of the reality show columnist. Usually, Bruganelli focuses on total black. In the outfit worn in the last episode of the reality show, a ‘particular’ caught the attention of viewers. Everyone, in fact, has noticed the necklace worn the columnist, but few know the price.

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The choker worn by Bonolis’ wife was neither in gold nor in silver. It was a simple chain and what is most surprising is the price. The object used by Bruganelli, in fact, is really low-cost. Are you curious to know how much it costs? We anticipate that it is accessible to everyone, because a few euros are enough to buy it.


The garment worn by Sonia in the episode costs just 20 euros. So everyone can afford that necklace. The rest of the look, on the other hand, keeps the average of the last episode. The columnist wore a suit with a fitted pencil skirt and a high-necked, short-sleeved sweater. One of the most expensive items is definitely the black lace stiletto heel décolleté that is sold on the web for 574 euros. The hair was tied in a crop and emphasized the chain choker.