Sonia Bruganelli is not afraid to say what she thinks: the sentence that unleashed the social storm

Sonia Bruganelli is not afraid to say what she thinks: the sentence of the commentator of the GF Vip who unleashed the social storm.

Sonia Bruganelli he doesn’t mince his words. He is amply demonstrating it also in this second experience at GF Vip, in the role of columnist. Always lucid and on the spot, Bonolis’s wife tells her in a precise and pungent way enough. And, even on social media, Sonia is certainly not one who uses filters.

Sonia Bruganelli (Instagram Credits)

Through his Instagram channel, Bruganelli shares photos and videos of her days, from working backstage to moments of everyday life. And, a few months ago, one post of her in particular did not go unnoticed. Without half measures, Sonia told her about her a topic that could have aroused controversy and, not surprisingly, she concluded the caption as follows: “For criticisms or complaints write below ( as always)”. Let’s find out what happened ”.

Sonia Bruganelli, the phrase that has not gone unnoticed: “I swear that sooner or later I’ll stop”

“I swear that sooner or later I’ll stop”, is the debut of the caption to one of the posts shared by Sonia Bruganelli this summer. Sonia who promised to stop but, for now, prefers to fly on a private plane rather than travel with scheduled airlines. She said it herself last July, when on Instagram she shared a shot that portrayed her right on board the private plane. In her post, Soni also explains the reasons for her preference.

I prefer to pay for a private plane rather than waiting for hours at the airportrisk seeing canceled my flight, lose baggage who would perhaps arrive in Toronto, take back the covid and make a fuss where I insult all the low cost airlines by asking my followers to repost my message “. These are the clear and direct words of Sonia Bruganelli, who listed some of the possible inconveniences that can be encountered by choosing scheduled airlines. Words that, as often happens when it comes to Sonia, have divided the audience.

There are those who appreciated Bruganelli’s sincerity, underlining how everyone is free to spend their money as they see fit. There are also those who, however, do not like the fact that Sonia underlines this choice, considering it a way to show off. The sure thing is that, despite her criticism, Sonia will always say what she thinks.

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Sonia by plane (Instagram Credits)

It also happened during yesterday’s episode of GF Vip, when the columnist had a heated confrontation with Pamela Prati, during the latter’s story about Mark Caltagirone. “We are giving you the benefit of the doubt, you should thank us instead of doing this scene”, were the words of Sonia, in response to a rant from Prati, annoyed by the fact that the commentators have still pointed out inconsistencies in her story.