Sonia Isaza and the printed swimsuit with which she advances the favorite summer trend

Sonia Isaza, the renowned Colombian fitness model and girlfriend of the famous soccer player Arturo Vidal, has once again captured the attention of her followers on social networks. This time, not only because of her impressive figure and her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but also because of her ability to stay ahead of summer fashion trends.

Recently, Sonia Isaza shared a photo on her Instagram account. instagram that has generated a stir on the networks. In the image, the model wears a spectacular printed swimsuit that promises to become the must-have of the next summer season. The design, with bright colors and a cheerful pattern, reflects the freshness and joy of summer. There is no doubt that Sonia Isaza knows how to choose clothes that enhance her beauty and personal style.

Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

But it’s not just her fashion choice that has attracted attention. The love relationship of Sonia Isaza with the footballer Arturo Vidal has been the subject of public monitoring, making them one of the most media couples of the moment. Vidal’s transfer from Barcelona in Spain to Inter in Italy has been one of the most prominent and commented topics globally, and his presence at Inter, where he trains with prominent players such as Lautaro Martínez, has kept fans of football in suspense.

Furthermore, recently, a video posted on social media showed Arturo Vidal considering cutting off his characteristic crest, a gesture that generated great curiosity among his followers. The response of Sonia Isaza to this video was a comment that left many intrigued: “I love your crest, why!!!”, expressed the Colombian model.

Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

With its elegant style and ability to stay ahead of trends, Sonia Isaza proves once again why she is an influence in the world of fashion and fitness. Her printed swimsuit is just one example of her good taste and her ability to stay ahead of the fashions that will shape the upcoming summer season.