Sonia Isaza: Arturo Vidal’s girlfriend raises the temperature from the bed and covers herself with feathers

the fitness model Sonia Isaac 35 years old rose to fame for being the girlfriend of the soccer player, Arturo vidal. But she has a career behind her that she built with a lot of effort and dedication. Now it is all the rage on social networks for the type of fit content that it publishes for its more than three million followers from all latitudes.

Sonia Izasa and Arturo Vidal. Source: Terra archive

The truth is that in addition to training routines and tips to show off a good figure, Sonia Isaac Share photos of your best poses and looks with your huge virtual fandom. Now she did the same and turned on the network by sharing a photo in which she wears a black lingerie set.

Sonia Isaac. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

on postcards, Sonia Isaac she poses from her bed, appears relaxed and complements the daring look with tonal feathers, incredible make-up and her straight, coiffed hair. It also shows the number of tattoos and designs that run through his great body, a product of physical activity.

Sonia Isaac. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

“I love this,” wrote the girlfriend of Arturo vidal and immediately his fans reacted to the publication. The photos of Sonia Isaac They have so far more than 100,000 likes and hundreds of comments highlighting their daring, talent, beauty and highlighting the importance of physical exercise.

Sonia Izasa. Source: Terra archive

The popularity that it has today, Sonia Isaac He found it little by little. A few years ago she was contacted by a model scout for her first photo shoot and as a result of her work, she was featured on the cover of a popular fitness magazine, gaining visibility over time.