Sonia Isaza detonates the network by posing with a denim check and sensual lingerie

The fitness model sonia isaza 39 years old is one of the most popular women on social media for her beauty and talent. She is also the soccer player’s girlfriend Arturo vidal and together they make an explosive couple who always command attention with everything they do.

sonia isaza He shares photos of his best looks and poses with his more than three and a half million fans from all latitudes on social networks, since he has also recently become a benchmark for fashion and trends due to his good taste in clothing , that everyone wants to imitate.

sonia isaza He also shares with his followers some training tips, routines and eating plans and from time to time he reveals his intimacy with Arturo vidal on some of the trips they share. But now the brunette left everyone with their mouths open by publishing a sensual production of photographs.

Sonia Isaza and her friend Diana Gomez. Source: instagram @niaisazaoficial

sonia isaza shared two postcards in which she poses with her friend Diana Gómez for her birthday and she does so with a denim jacket that covers her front but reveals the rest of her worked figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good feeding.

Sonia Isaza. Source: Terra archive

“Friend! Today is your big day. Therefore, I ask that you do not lack reasons to feel happy, at peace and surrounded by the people you love. Celebrate your day with great joy in your heart. Happy birthday! I love you very much! “, wrote sonia isaza next to the postcard in which both appear amused and smiling.