Sonia Isaza filmed herself posing in a red micro bikini

sonia isaza a beautiful 2023 began with Arturo vidal. Both were in Brazil receiving the year with the influencer’s daughter, her niece and her mother. Once again, the King was criticized for not spending this special date with his three children: Emiliano, Alonso and Elizabetta. The children, once again, were with their mother Marité Matus.

Nonetheless, Arthur The year did not start so well since the ‘King’ was not included in Flamengo’s summons for his commitment this Wednesday against Madureira, valid for the Carioca Cup. “The athlete Vidal had muscular discomfort and was not included in the match against Madureira,” confirmed ‘Fla’ on social networks.

In the last few hours sonia isaza He posted a video on his official Instagram account titled “Here very Coca Cola!”. The influencer posed from the living room of an apartment wearing a short white and red sweater, with the logo of the renowned beverage brand. She also accompanied her with a red microbikini.

Sonia Isaza and Arturo Vidal. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

Arturo vidal He was one of the first to comment, leaving many emojis of love faces. “What a beauty” wrote his bosom friend Yralbeth Flores. “Spectacular” and “Bella” were some of the compliments she received. However, she was also heavily criticized by her followers as the model promotes the idea of ​​having a healthy body.

“A fitness girl advertising for Coca Cola, nothing, I’ve already seen it all”, “I don’t know if you’re fitness and lots of people follow you, the worst thing is Coca Cola, you contradict yourself…” and “A lot to say about coca- queue that bad I have been following you for a long time because I am a fitness girl but they reached you at the price $$$$, one of the worst soft drinks that exist” were some of the criticisms she received soniaof which he did not respond at the moment.