Sonia Isaza photographed herself in a micro bikini loincloth on the beaches of the Maldives

several weeks ago sonia isaza she finds herself traveling around the world to places she didn’t even expect. The fitness influencer has been on a walk around Dubai, staying at one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. She has even visited the Burj Khalifa, the 828 meter tall skyscraper, the tallest structure on record to date.

Also sonia then he has traveled to the Maldives, the tropical country in the Indian Ocean that has some of the best beaches in the world. Its white sands, its blue lagoons and its tall palm trees attract thousands of tourists every year. The model has been criticized for “traveling with the King’s money”, according to some haters.

Nonetheless, sonia He has turned a deaf ear and has visited beautiful places with his daughter Daniela. On his part, the King has met his ex-wife Marité Matus. Both visited Jaime Gallardo, the father of Gissella Gallardo, who is in delicate health due to cancer that afflicts him, at the clinic.

Sonia Isaza showed off her figure. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

“May everyone’s love fill your little heart with a lot of love, the one we all have for you,” Matus wrote along with a photo he took with him. Jaime shared a photo of the visit of Vidal and thanked him for making him laugh. At the moment, Sonia is in the Maldives and has not ruled on this mere coincidence.

Sonia Isaza in a bathroom in the Maldives. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

In the last hours, the beautiful Colombian shared a photo session from the paradisiacal silvers along with the text “Life is so short that everyone has the right to live it as they see fit!”, in an indirect response to the haters who bother her . Isaza posed with a blue loincloth microbikini that garnered more than 28,000 likes and 260 comments. As in each of her posts, the Flamengo midfielder left her her love message. In this case Arthur he wrote to her “You mamacita is a crazy thing.”

Sonia Isaza in the paradisiacal beaches. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial