Sonia Isaza showed off her attributes in a turquoise swimsuit

The popular influencer and fitness model, Sonia Isaza, has once again captured the attention of her followers on Instagram with a provocative image in which she wears a turquoise swimsuit. The Colombian, recognized for her dedication to her fitness and her enviable figure, shared the photograph that quickly went viral on social media.

In the image of instagram, Sonia Isaza poses with confidence and elegance, showing her assets in a swimsuit that highlights her toned figure. The turquoise color highlights her tanned skin and dark hair, which has left her followers admiring her beauty and physical shape.

Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

The photo has racked up a huge number of likes and glowing comments on social media, where fans of Sonya They did not hesitate to express their admiration and appreciation for the model.

Meanwhile, in another corner of social networks, the footballer Arturo Vidal has surprised his followers of instagram with a video that shows an exciting progress in his recovery. Vidal, who suffered an injury to his right knee during a Qualifiers match, shared a clip in which he takes his first steps after the meniscus surgery he underwent.

Sonia Isaza. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

Despite the sadness of not being able to represent his team on the field, Vidal is happy and grateful for the support of his teammates in this crucial process. His optimistic spirit is a testament to his strength and determination on his road to recovery. Meanwhile, both Sonia Isaza like Arturo Vidal continue to captivate their followers on social networks, each with their unique style and personality, demonstrating that determination and effort can overcome any obstacle.