Sonic Frontiers, the review

Sega’s mascot ventures into an open world: will it be a new beginning for the series?

After big blockbusters with two feature films and a TV series on the way, Sonic is more popular than ever. More than understandable then the umpteenth attempt by Sega to launch a new beginning for the franchise also in the world of video games. Sonic Frontiers is part of the Sonic 3D game genre with realistic graphics and epic storyline, a choice that this time goes along with the open world structure of the larger play areas. The five immense islands that make up the game are freely explorable by Sonic, who will have to find his friends trapped in a digital dimension and explore the areas to find missions, mini-games, huge bosses to fight and even more classic levels, in pure platform style. which unfortunately are not as many and as varied as we would have liked.

Sonic Frontiers is an open world with limitations, as the camera is often imprecise in following our fast actions, and seeing from a distance is difficult and misleading due to late-appearing level objects and a less than inspired level design. Sonic can use ramps, bumpers and loops, but aside from the fact that these are suspended in the air for no apparent reason and junction, reaching the furthest areas is often frustrating. The game relies on collecting items to continue the adventure, but at some point it will be easier to get passes with impromptu mini-games, making the most difficult gameplay passages unnecessary.

Sonic Frontiers is a title that seeks to pay homage to the saga’s history by introducing something completely new. But if Sonic fans will be happy to find the weird narrative of the hedgehog in an epic mood, as well as some fast and fun “classic” levels, otherwise they will be confronted with a messy title, which does not have a precise identity and is limited. to give us a taste of everything without satisfying us on anything. To all this is added a technical realization that in 2022, on the latest generation consoles, is simply unacceptable. The aforementioned pop-up problems are only the tip of the iceberg, if we also consider the faded textures, the angular polygonal models, and the poverty of the landscape, certainly not graced by the realistic and jarring graphics compared to the adventures of a blue hedgehog. with red shoes. A perfect game for Sonic nostalgics, because it brings with it all the limitations of (almost) every 3D Sonic game.

Format: PS5 (tested version), PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC publisher: Saw Developer: Sonic Team Vote: 6/10