Sons of gay couples, what Rampelli said: Pd attacks, Roccella defends it

Fdi exponent: “Gays pass off a child as their own child”

Gay couples who “pass off a child as their own child” and “best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot be without a mother”. These are the words of the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Fabio Rampelli (Fdi) which have rekindled the controversy in the aftermath of the rainbow procession in Milan. From the Democratic Party he attacks Simona Malpezzi, president of the dem senators, in reference to the sentence on couples who pass off children as children, released yesterday by the Melonian in the broadcast ‘In Onda’ on La7. “In those words only malice – he underlines -. No respect for others, for those who think differently from him, for those who live a reality that exists, even though Rampelli may not like it. An unacceptable language towards children. This is the right that governs the country.”

The Vice-President of the European Parliament, Pina Picierno, then intervenes. “It is a question – he writes on Facebook – of atrocious violence, not only towards parents who choose to welcome children with love, but above all towards children who cannot even defend themselves. They pass themselves off (they do) as politicians worthy of the government of the country, they are only violent reactionaries”. Criticisms also from Nicola Fratoianni who speaks of “tavern” ways.

In the studios of La7 Rampelli spoke on Saturday evening of gay couples who “ask for the recognition, that is, the registration in the registry office, of a child who they pass off as their own child”. Today on Facebook, the concept is reaffirmed by sending “best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot be without a mom. A far from trivial statement these days because there are those who have mistaken people for objects or animals or tree species and kids for smurfs, speaking of soft toys…”.

In the afternoon, the minister of the family Eugenia Roccella comes to Rampelli’s rescue: “Dealing is a wrong term, because it evokes other things, but the truth is what Rampelli said”. Guest of ‘Mezz’ora in più’ on Rai 3, the owner of the family points the finger at the uterus for rent “a market for children where you can even choose the DNA”. “At the registry office you have to say a series of things – recalls Roccella – and if you say that the two fathers are both parents, you are saying something that is not the truth. The law says that a mother and a father are needed for adoption” .