Sony announces a new premium controller for PS5, DualSense Edge

Designed for pro players, the pad has interchangeable parts and new functions for analog controls

On the occasion of the Gamescom opening show in Cologne, Sony showed a new controller model for the PlayStation 5, DualSense Premium. The pad is meant to offer more control options and has two rear buttons on the back of the analog sticks, and the analog stick sticks can be changed in running speed for a more immediate snap in racing games. All buttons are freely configurable, and you can save each configuration with a separate name and retrieve your set depending on the game at any time, from the PS5 system. A dedicated button on the controller allows you to move through the configuration menu and activate changes on the go, such as switching between profiles. In addition, both the tips of the analog sticks and the dorsal buttons can be changed, with three sticks and two types of keys included in the package. The controller obviously reproduces all the haptic vibration characteristics of the original DualSense. Sony did not disclose price and launch date.