Sony prepares a new cloud gaming strategy for PlayStation

New hires make a portable console for streaming games more and more concrete

Despite the recent round of staff cuts in its PlayStation sector, Sony would be working on a new section of the brand, dedicated to streaming games. This was revealed by several job advertisements published by the company in recent weeks, given that Sony is looking for 22 employees who deal with cloud gaming, including one in particular who develops the strategic vision of a PlayStation cloud platform. The majority of open positions include clerical work in Aliso Viejo, California, formerly the headquarters of Gaikai, the game streaming company that Sony bought a decade ago to start the now-absorbed PlayStation Now project in PlayStation Plus.

The announcements published corroborate the rumors around a new Sony console, which has been talked about in recent weeks with the code name of PlayStation Q Lite. It would be a portable machine capable of playing the games in your PS5 library on the go, wherever there is a stable broadband connection, precisely thanks to the cloud and streaming. It also seems that Sony is about to enter into an agreement with Amazon to use its cloud platform, which among other things already hosts the cloud gaming service Luna (not yet available in Italy).