Sophie Codegoni took a step back: “I was deforming myself”, the decision

Sophie Codegoni took a step back: “I was deforming myself”, the decision of the competitor of GF Vip 6.

He has just turned 20, but he has shown that he already has a very strong character and personality to sell. Let’s talk about Sophie Codegoni, which the Canale 5 audience has come to know during the past edition of Men and Women. The model, born in Varese, was the youngest tronista in the history of the program, where she chose Matteo Ranieri, but no happy ending for them. She will be luckier at the GF Vip?

Sophie Codegoni took a step back: “I was deforming”, the decision of gieffina (Source Instagram)

After the breakup with Gianmaria Antinolfi, Sophie has begun an acquaintance with the newcomer Alessandro Basciano: between them everything seems to be going well, will it be true love? We’ll see. In the meantime, right in the house of the GF Vip, Sophie indulged in some unpublished confessions about her aesthetic appearance... Unexpected words, let’s discover them together.

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“I was deforming myself”: Sophie Codegoni’s decision that not everyone knows

Sophie Codegoni is undoubtedly one of the absolute protagonists of this edition of the GF Vip. Soleil Sorge’s “Antagonist”, the former tronist is proving to have all the credentials to get to the end of the reality show. And at the very beginning of this experience, a few months ago, she let herself go to some unexpected revelations concerning its aesthetic appearance. Sophie admitted that she has had her lips redone in the past but received no positive comments: “Everyone judged these lips. Have I ever listened to them? No. But I was ruining myself. I redid my lips and got ugly. I had these lips, I started redoing them and I was deforming myself “.

The contestant explains that although friends and relatives pointed out that she was exaggerating, she continued on her way, until one day she decided to go back to her natural lips: “They told me for years and years I have been given a damn. In fact, the more they told me this, the more I did it again. Until I looked in the mirror and said: “But why?”. Let’s take them off and see. But it is one thing, in my opinion, chand it must come to you by itself “.

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And you, are you following Sophie’s path in the house? You would like him to reach the final on March 14, 2022. Stay connected!