Sophie Turner for the first time on Instagram with Peregrine Pearson: the story is official

After the many shots stolen by the paparazzi on the streets of London and Paris in the company of her new love, Sophie Turner has decided to set the rules of the game by providing fans and professionals with new photographic material in which Peregrine Pearson appearsthe English aristocrat that he is his new romantic interest after her divorce with Joe Jonas.
The actress of Game of Thrones invited his social audience, over fourteen million followers on Instagram alone, to take a peek into his private life by sharing the photo of her ultimate snow holiday spent in sweet company.
Although the shots do not portray her as a couple with Pearson, it is clear that the man is now a daily certainty in the life of the interpreter of Sansa Stark. The relationship between the two, now made official on social media, could be more serious than it seems.

The snow holiday with your new love

For Sophie Turner, intending to move on definitively after the breakup with Joe Jonas and the consequent divorce request, it is now time to come out into the open and make official a relationship revealed by the numerous photos that made her the protagonist of gossip for the entire end of 2023.
The English actress published a post, which is a mini photo albumfrom which it can be seen that he is quite well since he is in the company of Peregrine Pearson, a twenty-nine year old English aristocrat, heir of the fourth Viscount Cowdray, one of the counties of Sussex.
In the shots, in which she is dressed in ski gear and often has his face and long copper-blond hair covered by large glasses and a protective helmet, Turner appears a lot happy and finally carefree after difficult months in which she was followed by photographers at every outing.
In one shot the twenty-seven year old poses sitting in the snow, in another she walks with her tracksuit with the hood pulled up like a balaclava with a mountain village behind her. The snapshots that interest fans the most, however, are the group ones, in which Turner is in the company of three other people: a couple of friends and Peregrine “Perry” Pearsonwe find out from tag added by Turner which leads to a private Instagram profile with posts visible to just over one thousand three hundred followers, very little compared to the audience that follows the beloved actress of game of Thrones who has made Meta’s social network the privileged channel through which he speaks with fans.
She let them know that she is ready to live a new adventure. In the last shot of the social carousel she poses sitting on the edge of an indoor swimming pool in a swimsuit in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation. The worst seems to be over.

Who is Peregrine Pearson

Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, the scion of the English aristocracy who made Sophie Turner forget Joe Jonas is not a name known only to the circle of nobles across the Channel since he is active in the publishing world as founder of a publishing house of school textbooks.
The firstborn scion of the family (therefore, heir to the title of Viscount Condray by his father) is also known in worldly news for his history with the Princess Maria Olympia of Greecea descendant of the royal family of Athens and a socialite widely followed by the media, a relationship that has made him accustomed to being in the spotlight.
The twenty-nine year old, in fact, did not seem bothered by the presence of photographers who caught him several times in the last months of 2023 in affectionate attitudes with Sophie Turner. After the first photos in Paris in late autumn, new shots in December immortalized the new couple hand in hand on the streets of the City. After the social debut, however, some things could change.