Sorgenia presents the ebook ‘Stories of women reborn’

As part of the ‘Semper 25 Novembre’ project, 1 euro for each download to Fondazione Pangea Onlus

The stories of ten women who managed to redeem themselves from physical, verbal and psychological violence are at the center of the 2021 edition of the # Semper25novembre initiative promoted by Sorgenia. Awareness raising project inaugurated in 2018, taking its cue from the day dedicated to the theme of gender-based violence, with the aim of keeping attention on this social emergency always, not just one day a year. The stories are collected in the ebook “Stories of reborn women” which can be downloaded for free.

Each story is embellished with an unpublished image created by Anna Godeassi, a young Italian illustrator and artist who collaborates with many international newspapers. From 25 November to Christmas, for each download of the ebook, Sorgenia will donate 1 euro to Fondazione Pangea Onlus which has been working since 2002 to promote the economic and social development of women in Italy and Afghanistan, a country that has been experiencing a particularly difficult situation in recent months. dramatic.

The stories are inspired by the ten principles of the Manifesto of Non-hostile Communication, created by the Parole O_Stili Association with which Sorgenia has been collaborating for years. The project saw the involvement of La Grande Casa scs onlus which, since 2018, has supported the company in all initiatives to raise the awareness of as many people as possible on the issue of gender-based violence.

This year # Semper25novembre also avails itself of the collaboration of a team from the Department of Communication and Social Research of the Sapienza University of Rome, engaged in an analysis of the role of the media in the battle against gender violence. In Milan, from 25 to 28 November, an immersive installation in Piazza Tre Torri will allow everyone, thanks to suspended telephone handsets, to hear the ten stories directly from the voices of the protagonists.

“This year we wanted to tell stories of reborn women – says Gianfilippo Mancini, CEO of Sorgenia, says – ten testimonies that have accompanied us month after month, to remind us that gender-based violence is a phenomenon with many faces that deserves attention every day . They are stories in the first person, told by the hands of the protagonists: each of them has given us their experience to raise awareness as many people as possible on a topic that concerns us all. With # Semper25novembre, therefore, our commitment continues to build an inclusive society in which everyone is free to express themselves “.

Fondazione Pangea Onlus, adds Silvia Redigolo, head of communication and fundraising of the Foundation, “is very happy to announce, on the occasion of November 25, the collaboration with Sorgenia. Pangea works every day to combat violence and discrimination against women in Afghanistan , India and Italy. The ebook includes the story of Laila, one of the first beneficiaries of the Pangea project in Kabul. A woman who is the symbol of the courage and determination of Afghan women. A woman who with Pangea helped many other Afghan women to become aware of their rights and that precisely because of her activism, in August, she had to leave her country because she was in danger of being killed. Even today Pangea continues to work in Afghanistan to keep the promises made in these 20 years: we will not leave you alone! “

“We are happy to be back by Sorgenia’s side in what we believe to be not only an awareness campaign but above all of civilization – declares Rosy Russo, founder and president of the Parole O_Stili association – We too five years ago, just like these women , we said ‘enough now!’ in the face of the words of hate on and off the net. Because words are not just words. Where there is no respect they can hurt, destroy affections, self-esteem, they can make you believe you are wrong and make you suffocate in suffering. Retracing these stories and celebrating # Semper25novembre can become for all of us an occasion of profound awareness: with our words we can write not only the still blank pages of our life, but also give color to those of others “.

Liviana Marelli, president of La Grande Casa scs Onlus affirms: “As a cooperative we are particularly happy with this project, because it is a collective project, and this refers to the shared and civil responsibility of eliminating all forms of gender violence. Because it uses words, voice and images to tell stories, every means to get this theme out of the rooms of the experts once and for all (a goal that now seems to have been achieved) and it still does so through beauty, but above all because it fully grasps the sense of going out of the paradigm of the victim to tell stories of women protagonists and advocates of their own rebirth. This is the best message we can convey on the occasion of 25 November “.

The stories told by Sorgenia, adds Gaia Peruzzi, associate professor at Sapienza University of Rome, “help us to understand that there are many types of violence and not just the physical one which is the most execrable form. Another important aspect of podcasts, which is a then also the leitmotiv of the company’s communication – it is how it talks about violence. We talk a lot about violence: we see it everywhere, in films, in the news. The difficult thing is to talk about it adequately, in a useful way “.