Soumahoro, Bonelli: “He owes us a clarification”

“No suspension or expulsion”

No suspension or expulsion foreseen for Aboubakar Soumahoro, “we are an alliance that makes guaranteeism an important principle. What is certain is that we have said that there is a political issue on which discussion with Aboubakar is necessary and urgent, who owes explanations not only to us but also to those who voted for us and we are urging that this meeting take place as quickly as possible”. So Angelo Bonelli (Alleanza Verdi-Left), co-spokesman of Europa Verde, today in Piazza Ss Apostoli to talk about the manoeuvre.

Bonelli denies his repentance on Soumahoro’s candidacy and speaks of “behind the scenes” but reiterates the need for clarification “to make an assessment with respect to serious events that have occurred and which are emerging from judicial activity, and we thank the magistrates who are carrying out this activity to whom all our support and support goes, because the issue of the exploitation of migrants is an issue that cannot leave us absolutely indifferent, indeed it indignates us, and from this point of view we are absolutely cleared on one side with the judicial authority and on the other side with those who have suffered exploitation. For this reason we believe that a clarification is urgently requested, which has been requested several times. We understand your state of mind but the clarification is necessary, you owe it to your colleagues and to those who voted for us”. The clarification could arrive in Parliament for the session.