South African variant, USA: restrictions on flights to eight countries

President Biden’s announcement that he launches an appeal: “To call and vaccinate globally”

“This morning I was briefed by my medical advisor, Dr Tony Fauci, and members of our Covid response team, about the Omicron variant, which is spreading in southern Africa. As a precaution, until we have more information, I have additional restrictions on air travel from South Africa and seven other countries. These new restrictions will go into effect on November 29. We will continue to be guided by what science and my medical team recommend. ” The announcement was made by American President Joe Biden.

“I have two important messages for the American people and one for the world community,” Biden added, quoted in a White House statement. “First, for those Americans who are vaccinated against Covid – fortunately, for the vast majority of our adults – the best way to strengthen your protection is to have a booster vaccination, as soon as you are eligible. The boosters have been approved. for all adults over the age of 18, six months after vaccination, and are available in 80,000 locations “across the country. “They’re safe, free, and affordable. Get the recall right now, so you have this added protection during the holiday season.”

“Second, for those who are not yet fully vaccinated: get vaccinated today. This applies to both children and adults. America is the world leader in vaccinating children between the ages of 5 and 11 and vaccinating teens by many. months now, but we need more Americans in all age groups to have this lifesaving protection. If you haven’t been vaccinated or you haven’t brought your kids to get vaccinated, now is the time. “

“Finally, for the world community: News about this new variant should make it clearer than ever why this pandemic will not end until we have vaccinations globally. The US has already donated more vaccines to other countries than any other. countries put together. It is time for other countries to adjust to America’s speed and generosity. “

“In addition, I call upon the nations that will gather next week for the World Trade Organization ministerial meeting to take up the US challenge of giving up intellectual property protection on Covid vaccines, so that these vaccines can be produced. globally. I supported this position in April; this news today reaffirms the importance of moving forward quickly. “