South, the League ‘supports’ Magna Grecia: pdl for the protection of Southern Italy sites

Deputy Loizzo first signatory: “Autonomy can help the South”

Other than Padania, the League in the field for Magna Grecia. Here is the Salvini deputy Simona Loizzo who asks for a legislative intervention for the “Recognition of the historical, cultural and environmental interest of the Magna Graecia area and provisions for the protection and promotion of its territory”. A law proposaljust deposited in the Chamber by the Cosenza parliamentarian, which provides, among other things, for interventions in ‘multiform’ sites, according to the Unesco rules of world heritage, between Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily.

It is something that the whole party cares aboutthere is no prejudice on the part of the leaders of the League”, assures AdnKronos Loizzo, who is the first signatory of the proposal: “Our legislative office is at work – underlines the deputy from Cosenza -. We want to deal with sites present in all the territories” colonized by the Greeks in the classical age. Or Magna Graecia: “I – he articulates – don’t see any problems, the northern regions have nothing against, I don’t see any problems for Northern League issues, I strongly believe in this party, I know there will be no prejudice”.

“Even the parent company Molinari has assured his support now we will collect signatures for the proposal which will soon be published“, he explains with enthusiasm for a law “which I also discussed with Vittorio Sgarbi…”.

Loizzo does not hide, also answering a question on the project of differentiated autonomy, at the center of the political debate and banner of the Salvini party. “As far as I’m concerned – he assures – I don’t see any problems, nor am I worried about southern politics. I have great faith in Roberto Calderoli, who has enormous technical skills”. “Even for us Calabrians I see great advantages” from this reform.

“For example, in my region we produce 4 times more energy than we consume, if the autonomist project were passed on to less than two million of my fellow countrymen, the bills would cost much less, and this is just one example. The right strategies just need to be studied”, ends the thing.

Defense of Magna Graecia e autonomist flag waved in the South. Up until ten years ago, in Bossi’s time, the phrase ‘Magna-Magna Grecia’ (copyright Borghezio) was used among Northern League supporters. And Senatur himself, in 2012, explained that the euro would lead us to bankruptcy for two reasons: “Because in Europe there is Greece and Magna Graecia…”.