‘Souvenir’ out on October 13th, Emma reveals the tracklist

There are nine songs in which the artist also puts herself on the line as an author

Emma Marrone has revealed the tracklist of her new album ‘Souvenir’, out on October 13th. Anticipated by the singles ‘Mezzo mondo’, already certified platinum, and ‘Iniziamo dalla fine’, currently on the radio, ‘Souvenir’ is made up of 9 songs, in which the different vocal and sound nuances of Emma emerge, who also puts herself on the line as author: ‘Iniziamo dalla Fine’, ‘Amore Cane’ (feat. Lazza), ‘Mezzo Mondo’, ‘Intervallo’, ‘Sentimentale’, ‘Carne Viva’, ‘Capelli Corti’, ‘Indaco’ and ‘Taxi sulla Luna (bonus track)’. The album, out on Capitol/Universal Music, is already available for pre-order.

The new album is a snapshot, frozen in space and time, of a new chapter in Emma’s life, where the ‘Souvenir’ is what remains of this incredible journey that crosses real life. Reality and concrete things are, in fact, the center of the entire project. And they are found not only in the songs but also in the entire aesthetic world of the album, in those authentic landscapes where you can breathe truth and nourish your relationship with the earth. It is precisely for this desire to bring the authenticity of emotions and bonds back to the center that Emma decided to present the new album to her audience with some special events in Italian clubs: a one-to-one meeting, in an intimate place and rock and roll, a return to the origins in which all the colors and emotions of “Souvenir” can be intensely experienced and shared.

This is how “Souvenir in da Club” was born, a real experience to listen to the new album live and return home with a unique memory. 18 events in 8 cities in Italy, starting from November 10th. Tickets are available in advance on TicketOne and Clappit. These are the stages of “Souvenir in da Club” (Friends&Partners and Magellano Concerti): 10 November at the Vox Club in Nonantola (Modena); 12, 13 and 15 November at the Largo Venue in Rome; 22 and 23 November at the Padua Hall; 26, 27 and 29 November at the Magazzini Generali in Milan; 2, 3 and 5 December at Cap10100 in Turin; 11 and 13 December at the Duel Club in Pozzuoli (Naples); on 17 and 18 December at Demodè in Modugno (Bari); on 21 and 22 December at the Viper in Florence.