Sovereignty rally in Florence, Renzi’s teasing: “Poor Salvini, there’s no one there”

Leader IV: “More than Fortitude, it’s Weakness from Basso, many gave him the trash”

“Salvini chose to stay at the Fortezza da Basso which today is Devolezza da Basso because there is no one there, many people gave him the trash, poor Salvini. If he were to deal a little more with trains, or perhaps it would be better not to…” Thus Matteo Renzi in his speech at the national assembly of Italia Viva underway in Rome ‘taunted’ the deputy prime minister and minister of transport.

“Delayed trains from Florence see some of our trains stopped in Orvieto for an hour. We asked the right-wing government one thing: that the trains arrive on timelike when he was there. But since Salvini has been there it has been a national disgrace the situation. But in the meantime the good Salvini brings together the sovereignists in Florence, he has chosen the right city: the only city that is by definition a universal city, the Florentines have made the money thanks to globalization”.