Soy Georgina, teaser of the second season of the reality show on the life of Georgina Rodriguez

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These are days full of surprises and news for fans of Soy Georginathe reality series which tells the life of Georgina Rodríguez, model, influencer and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo. After the publication of posters with the official date of the streaming debut of the episodes of the second season, a clip unveil new images in which the twenty-nine year old Spaniard is the absolute protagonist.

The new episodes from March 24th

Georgina Rodriguez is one of the most sought after and talked about characters in the world of international entertainment. Model and social media star (on Instagram she is about to reach forty-seven million followers), for just over a year the Spaniard has also been a reality show star, a status that by now, just a few weeks after the streaming of the sequel to Soy Georginacan be considered consolidated. Of the show that will be available on Netflix starting March 24 – also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick – has just been released a teasernot exactly a montage with new images, but a suggestive overview of what Georgina intends to show to viewers who admire her and to those who are simply intrigued by her fairytale life.

The clip with Georgina Rodriguez

At the center of the scene is her, in flamboyant evening dresses and colorful, designer sunglasses and jewels with many diamonds, a young woman with a cover life who divides herself between social events, red carpets and the gym (in the clip Georgina Rodriguez walks on the treadmill and lifts weights but without separating herself from her shoes with heel). It is evident that Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner does not take herself too seriously, or rather, she too plays with theidea of ​​his character, one in millions”, it says on the poster where she appears in many versions (and with many outfits): one, none and one hundred thousand.
In the same spirit, also the choice to wear for the shooting of the official poster of Soy Georgina 2 the t-shirt with the claim that accompanies the new episodes: “Who the F*** is Georgina?”, a provocative question to which (perhaps) the Spanish popular will give an answer with the new material.