Space, ASI dedicates an entire dawn to LiciaCube

Direct of the launch from the Italian Space Agency on November 24 at 7.22, the first national mission in deep space and a fundamental part of NASA’s ‘Dart’ program kicks off

A whole dawn dedicated to the launch of LiciaCube, the first Italian mission in deep space. It will be the Italian Space Agency to turn on the spotlight by showing live the launch of this small Italian satellite, a fundamental part of NASA’s Dart mission. LiciaCube will leave on its mission Wednesday 24 November, at 7.22 am Italian time from the Vandenberg base, when in California it will be 22.22 on Tuesday 23 November.

To follow the LiciaCube launch live, starting at 6.45 am on the 24th, ASI organized – in presence and also in live streaming – in its Auditorium in Tor Vergata, in Rome, a whole dawn with special guests. During the event, the ASI will show the objectives and stages of a program that “for the first time will be aimed at active planetary defense” and therefore “at verifying a defensive strategy against the potential dangers that may come from space”.

LiciaCube has the task of creating a “real photo shoot on the impact of the US probe with an asteroid to verify the deviation of the course of the smallest of the objects of the Didymos binary system “explains ASI who at the event of November 24 called the host Licia Colò as godmother of exception. The Italian astronaut of the European Space Agency Luca Parmitano and the famous designer Leo Ortolani. from the Argotec mission control center in Turin, will be linked with ASI too the Italian LiciaCube team coordinated by the National Institute of Astophysics (Inaf).