Space, astronaut Parmitano to Adnkronos: “With Artemis, the first step for our return to the Moon”

“For all of us it is a great emotion, on ‘board’ there are many people who worked on the project”

With the mission Artemis 1 just launched “we are working, and this is the first step in a long series, to bring humanity back to the moon. I don’t know if I’ll go to the moon but I’m working and everyone is making their own contribution and this is already a huge privilege for me”. This is the first immediate comment by the Italian ESA astronaut, Luke Parmitanowho, interviewed by Adnkronos, underlines the strategic role of the launch of the first mission of the great Artemis lunar program of NASA And Hex partner, a mission that also sees Italy at the forefront with ASI. “I think it is a great emotion for everyone here. It is an emotion for many people, on board there is a lot of humanity that will fly today with Artemis, there are all the dreams, all the work and all the lives of the many people who worked on the project and that is why we are all excited here now” comments astronaut Luca Parmitano.

If the war in Ukraine is pressing on earth, if unfortunately the conflicts are still in the foreground, “the dream of space instead gives concrete form to humanity’s ability to also know how to remain united” for great common objectives, observes the Italian ESA astronaut . “I think this is the demonstration that there are many ways to create unity, the most ‘vulgar’ way is to create fear, an enemy, a division, putting members of humanity aside by creating fear within those ‘tribes’ ” observes Luke. “Instead the space one is a huge dream and shows that it is much more beautiful and much more visionary to unite people with a huge dream and that of space is a huge dream of exploration and science” concludes the Italian ESA astronaut which in its missions in orbit has achieved many records.

(by Andreana d’Aquino)