Space, Chinese astronauts return to Earth after a record three-month mission

After three months in space, the three astronauts of the Chinese space agency CNSA (Chinese National Space Administration) returned to Earth today. The state TV CCTV reports it. They left last June for the Tiangong space station. Today the re-entry capsule landed on Earth in the Gobi Desert in the Chinese Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia. Their mission, named Shenzhou-12, was the longest ever carried out in space by China.

The goal of the mission

Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo left the Gobi desert on June 17. The three astronauts remained in orbit for ninety days, during which they worked in the Tianhe-1 module for the construction of the Chinese space station. The capsule landed via a parachute in the Gobi desert at 13:35 local (7:35 in Italy). “The manned spacecraft Shenzhou-12 landed successfully,” the state network CCTV reported in a live broadcast dedicated to the event. “Real gold does not fear fire,” Nie Haisheng joked to one of his teammates, citing a Chinese proverb during the re-entry phase. The Shenzhou-12 has landed safely on Earth and, the CCTV reported, “is awaiting the arrival of search and rescue teams on the ground”.