Space, Chinese rocket in free fall: what we know

Fragments of a space rocket that like small fireballs will fall to the earth. It is not the new American colossal to be shown in theaters but a real phenomenon that could occur in the middle of next week. In fact, the stage of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket which on April 29 brought the first module of the Tiangong space station into orbit is in uncontrolled fall towards the Earth.


A confirmed news from the Institute of Information Science and Technologies of the National Research Council (Isti-Cnr) of Pisa which is constantly monitoring the rocket’s orbits. Currently, the fall could occur in the range between 41.5 degrees in the North and 41.5 degrees in the South, and which also includes central and southern Italy, even if the orbit could undergo variations. After launch, the rocket stage was abandoned in orbit and has shown no signs of life since. The only influence it receives is the brake of the atmosphere that is pushing it towards the earth.


This is not the first time. In fact, last year a similar component of the same model of the largest Chinese rocket fell apart in the impact with the atmosphere. The fragments fell on West Africa and hit some villages, fortunately without serious consequences.

Never get caught unprepared

Meanwhile, NASA and ESA experts are preparing to face a fake asteroid 57 million kilometers away that has a 5% chance of hitting Earth around 20 October 2021. In the simulation, organized as part of the Defense Conference planetary of the International Academy of Aeronautics, all the participants began to receive continuous updates on the asteroid, its position, its size, the probable impact area on Earth.